Week 13 - 09/04/2021

Published on 9 April 2021 at 12:24

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has passed away 

In a statement released this afternoon, Queen Elizabeth II announced her husband's passing. 


The statement reads that he died peacefully at Windsor Castle this morning:


“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, 


His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Hos Royal Highness [passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.


Further announcements will made in due course.


The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss.”


Riots Continue in Belfast:

Petrol bombs, fireworks and stones have been thrown at police during another night of violence in Northern Ireland.


It follows rioting on Wednesday night which police said was on a scale not seen in Northern Ireland in years.


Crowds rioted on both sides of an interface between loyalist and nationalist areas in west Belfast.


Police deployed water cannon in a bid to stop the violence - the first time in six years they have done so in a riot situation.


They urged people to avoid the Springfield Road area of the city.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin have spoken over the phone and called for a calming of tensions.


Moscow Warns of Further Military Action in Ukraine

Russian official has warned that Moscow could intervene to help Russian-speaking residents in eastern Ukraine if Ukraine launches an all-out assault on separatists there.


Russian-backed separatist rebels and Ukrainian troops have been clashing in the east of the country.


Russia has also been building up troops on the border with Ukraine.


The official, Dmitry Kozak, said that Russian forces could intervene to "defend" Russian citizens.


"Everything depends on the scale of the conflagration," he said. He is deputy head of Russia's presidential administration.


He also warned that an escalation could mark the "beginning of the end" for Ukraine - "not a shot in the leg, but in the face".


The Ukrainian military says one of its soldiers was killed on Thursday by shooting from the separatists. The rebels used machine-guns, grenades and mortars several times and Ukrainian forces fired back, the military was quoted as saying.


Court Hears That Fentanyl Was Not the Cause of George Floyd’s Death

George Floyd died from a lack of oxygen during his arrest, a doctor at the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis has said.


Contradicting the defence, Dr Martin Tobin said fentanyl did not cause Mr Floyd's death. He said even a "healthy person...would have died".


Mr Chauvin, 45, was filmed kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes during his arrest last May.


The ex-officer is on trial for murder and has denied the charges against him.


The footage of Mr Chauvin, who is white, with his knee on African-American Mr Floyd's neck sparked global protests against racism.


The trial is in its second week and is expected to last for at least one month. The defence is due to begin arguing its case in court next week.


North Korea Warns of Famine in Light Of Mass Food Shortages

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged citizens to prepare for a "difficult" crisis, following human rights groups' warnings that the country faces dire food shortages and economic instability.


Speaking at a party conference, Mr Kim appeared to compare the situation to an infamous deadly famine in the 1990s.


North Korea has shut its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.


It has brought trade with China, its economic lifeline, to a standstill.


This is also on top of existing international economic sanctions over Pyongyang's nuclear programme.


In a rare admission of looming hardship, the authoritarian leader on Thursday called on party officials to "wage another more difficult 'Arduous March' in order to relieve our people of the difficulty, even a little"

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