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Designer handbags: symbols of materialism or solid investments?

Harper Bazaar, 17 Jun 2016 : “Chanel Bags are gaining value Faster than the Stock

d-gold-one-company-is-actively-testing-that-theory/  - 26 Mar 2020

The Irish Times, 12 Jan 2019: “The Birkin: bags of style and a sound investment”

l-leather-goods-2170860 - 13 May 2020

Ireland's Dependent Development 

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Ireland's Relationship with the Rule of Law and Direct Provision 

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EU Ban the Sale of Menthol Cigarettes



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Discussing Israel and Avoiding Antisemitism 

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Protests; Past and Present 

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From BRICS to Bolsonaro

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Twisted Totems 

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Gravestone Translation 

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Raith Charin's fight for survival 

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Fake News - Freedom of expression in a Digital Age

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Burke Family Values 

“Christian solicitor launches unfair dismissal case” – 

“Family protests against sacking of Christian solicitor” -   

“Siblings banned for life from NUIG societies refuse college’s offer” -

“Students claiming religious bias urge further investigation” -

“Declan versus Isaac, on same sex marriage” -                           

“Small voices that go unheard” -                                                          

“WHO IS JEMIMA BURKE, THE MAYO JOURNALIST WHOSE QUESTIONING OF DR TONY HOLOHAN WENT VIRAL” -                                                                               

“Burke Christian School, Castlebar, is enrolling” -       

Burke Christian School -

Empty Formula 

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Protest Politics 

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Andreja Zevnik


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Niamh Hourigan

Shell Shock’ -Soldiers suing the state

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Case Law

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