Science and Technology

Week 39 2021

‘Web 3.0’: A New Face of the Internet

The current form of the internet, known as 'Web 2.0', shifted the internet’s focus from static web pages designed for single sided narration and information consumption on the users’ end, to interactive experiences and user driven web creation, leading to the rise of modern media and information technology. At first, this new phase of the internet led to a never-ending network of webpages and online brands emerging regularly, but over time witnessed centralization of the internet over applications owned by a handful of corporations.

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Poland Set to Construct its First Nuclear Power Plant

On Thursday, one of Poland’s largest state owned companies, KGHM, signed a deal with the US NuScale Power to lay the foundation for the construction of the country’s first nuclear power plant, which, according to media reports, would be up and running by 2029 or 2031 at the latest.

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Week 28 2021

Update on the Gulf of Mexico Fire

This month started with perhaps the most bizarre disaster we have ever witnessed. With images of the ocean being on fire being shared July 2nd onwards, everyone wondered how such a thing could be possible and how it could even be dealt with.

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Height Heritability: The Importance of Environmental Factors

It is one thing to look like your parents, but it is quite another to be as tall as them. Have you ever noticed that in spite of obvious similarities in body shape, facial expressions and complexion, you might not necessarily reach the same height as your parents? This article aims to deal with this unexpected outcome. 

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Week 26 2021

Killer Drone Hunts Human Targets Without Instruction

According to a United Nations report, military drones may have attacked human targets autonomously last year. The complete details of the event have not been released to the public and so it is currently unclear if there were any casualties, but this incident highlights the fact that international movements and petitions to ban the use of autonomous weapons might be too late.

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Week 24 2021

E3 2021 Wrap Up

In the first E3 to take place during the Covid-19 pandemic, gamers were excited to see what developers were working on and were hoping for some big announcements.

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