Week 40 2021
Week 38 2021

Trial of Elizabeth Holmes Continues

The trial of Elizabeth Holmes, former Chief Executive of medical company, Theranos, continued this week with testimony from a former employee, Erika Cheung. Holmes and former Theranos COO, Ramesh Balwani, are charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud.

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Week 37 2021
Week 26 2021

Suspect Arrested After Knife Attack in Germany

German authorities report a knife attack in the city of Wurzburg on the 25th of this month, stating three deaths and five serious injuries, and a number of others sustaining milder injuries. Police identified the suspect as a 24 year old Somali man living in Wurzburg. He was shot and subdued, the shot being reported as non lethal and not posing a threat to his life according to a spokeswoman. “The attacker was overpowered after the police used firearms,” said police on Twitter.

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Week 25 2021
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