Philosophy and Religion

Week 22 2021

Controversy over New Maternity Hospital and Religious Institutions

In recent days, controversy and concern has emerged among some TDs who are concerned about the possible involvement of religious institutions in the governance of the new national maternity hospital. This comes after a private members’ motion was brought forward to Dáil Éireann, this week, by Galway West TD and Leas-Cheann Comhairle, Catherine Connolly, that called on the Government to ‘further ensure the public ownership and operation of the new National Maternity Hospital’ and ensure the implementation of the National Maternity Strategy 2016-2026 implementation strategy.

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Week 10 2021

Fr. Joseph Marmion: An Egregious Story

The Catholic Church in Ireland seems to have taken another severe hit over the last week. The Jesuit Order of Ireland, which is led by provincial Fr. Leonard Maloney announced a statement asking people who have, or may have been victims of predatory crimes committed by Fr Joseph Marmion (deceased, 2000) to come forward and tell their story.

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The Pope’s Trip To Iraq

Last Friday Pope Francis departed Rome for a historic apolsitic visit to Iraq. Many have expressed concern for the visit following a recent rise in Covis-19 cases and a series of rocket attacks in the country. Pope John Paul II had cancelled a trip to the region in 2002 after talks with Saddam Hissein disintegrated without agreement. Pope Francis seemed determined for the trip to go ahead despite the difficult circumstances and precedent.The Christian population in Iraq has been persecuted for many years falling from over a million before the US invasion in 2003 to approximately 200,000 now. Pope Francis has called the visit an “act of love” towards the minority Christian population and that the; “ the people cannot be let down for a second time”. 

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Week 32 2020
Week 29 2020
Week 26 2020

Reopening churches in Ireland: finding religion again

Churches, Mosque, Synagogues, and other places of worship in Ireland are set to reopen on June 29th with some restrictions. For the Catholic church in Ireland the association of catholic priests has called for more clarification on what they can expect their religious gatherings to look like.

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