Commerce and Economics

Week 46 2021
Week 26 2021

CAP: Consultation Begins

A deal on the continuation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy has been reached. After months of tense and often fractured debate the negotiations scame to an end last week.The deal was ratified by the council of agricultural ministers on Monday.

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Global Rise in Crypto Asset Seizures

Tax dodgers often use creative methods to avoid state dues. It stands to reason then that governments must also be imaginative in combating such transgressions. This past week, the South Korean Government has seized approximately $47 Million (€39 Million) worth of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, from a number of individuals in back taxes.

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Week 22 2021

Can You See The Noise?

A world of ‘rational actors’, would look something like a utopia of supra-human efficiency and a world free of inaction or perceived sub-optimal decision making. Individuals, almost at an instance being able to calculate the benefits and costs of a single action taking account of all available and necessary information without any judgement bias nor occasional mood-swings.

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Government Announce National Economy Recovery Plan

The Government has announced a National Economy Recovery Plan yesterday. Taoiseach Micheál Martin, alongside Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan announced the Government’s plan, which lays out a road map for the economy as it emerges from the impact of Covid-19 

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