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Simon Coveney

Fine Gael TD Simon Coveney is often portrayed as dithering and indecisive, unable to present a viable alternative to the status quo. This characterisation  stems largely from his attempt to win  the Fine Gael leadership in 2017. Widely regarded as a gentleman, loyal to the party and dedicated to Irish politics. Coveney operates  largely under the radar in Ireland, Europe and around the world in his role as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

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Michael Collins - 'The Forgotten Man'

"In 50-60 years from now, I think we'll be doing amazing things that we're not able to predict with any accuracy whatsoever today. People have this curiosity: they want to know about the universe, they want to know more about how it works - how it affects their lives.” – Michael Collins

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Alexandre Desplat

Your youth might have been touched by movies like Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Golden Compass, the curious case of Benjamin Button, the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or the King’s Speech. Then you were ravished by Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Unbroken, Godzilla, the Danish Girl or the Shape of Water. More recently films like, Little Women, the French Dispatch or Pinocchio might have caught your eye. 

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Who is Dolores Cahill?

A now renowned and reviled name amongst UCD students and beyond, Professor Dolores Cahill of the UCD School of Medicine landed herself in further controversy this St Patrick’s Day, leading an anti-lockdown rally in Herbert Park and addressing a crowd of disgruntled lockdown opposing protestors.

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