Week 1 - (10/07/2020)

Published on 11 July 2020 at 12:43

With leading educational institutions deciding to hold at least most of their teaching for the coming autumn semester virtually, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had made an adjustment that would not allow international students to reside in the United States with the purpose of study. This rule was derived from an original ICE rule allowing international students on full-time study visas to the US to take only one online course. Although this comes at a time where coming international students are preparing and applying for visas to move to the US to start their studies in the autumn, it affects around 360,000 current international students in the US, being forced either to transfer to schools with the required physical presence or leave the country. Universities have joined their students in objecting to that decision with several of them filing suit objecting to the decision that puts the $45 Billion contributed by international students to the US economy at risk at a time where every penny counts.


China, the US and India are going through what has been called the “Tech Cold War”, which is gaining popularity after releases by the Trump Administration that it is ‘looking at’ the possibility of banning Chinese apps, with TikTok on the top of the list. This comes after the Indian decision to bar TikTok, together with 58 other Chinese Apps.


Seven hours after being reported missing by his daughter, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was found dead after his former secretary filed sexual harassment complaint. He was found committed suicide, leaving a letter of apology and gratitude to his loved ones. Won-soon had been holding the position of Mayor of the South-Korean Capital for 10 years. Before holding office of Mayor, Won-soon was an activist lawyer, winning one of the country’s first sexual harassment suits in the 1990s and had always been a supporting voice for South-Korean working women.


In the UK, Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak has announced a £30bn job saving plan. The plan provides direct bonus of £1000 paid to firms for every worker called back to work after being let go and is kept in work until January. With several incentives to the hospitality industry, the Chancellor, through this plan, aims to discount dining out by 50% in August which averages at around £10 per meal by subsidizing restaurants. This will all be accompanied with reduction in VAT on “food, accommodation and attractions” from 20% to 5%.


With another addition to a series of unusual explosions in Iran, a building caught fire inside a nuclear plant in central Iran. First said to be an accident of an unfinished shed, but then contradicted by debris linking to an explosion and not a fire, spokesman for Iran’s nuclear agency provided that it was a Uranium enriching factory. This is part of a series of unjustified explosions in around the country this summer.



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