Leo Varadkar - Profile of Leo as Tánaiste

Published on 4 July 2020 at 09:24

Leo Varadkar is in a unique position when it comes to Irish politics, when a leader loses an election often their career ends with either their expected to step down as party leader or are removed from that position via a leadership challenge, however because all three of Ireland’s major parties preformed so similarly, we have now entered a new era of politics, and a new understanding of proportional representation. Even though the now Tánaiste  only 41 he has spent much of his adult life active in politics, as a 20 year old medical student in Trinity college he ran unsuccessful in the local elections in 1999  and being opted to Fingal county council in 2004 and finally making his way into the Dail  after the 2007 general election with the leader of the opposition appointing his as spokesperson for enterprise, trade and employment. The same department that he now has reasonably for alongside being Tanaiste. 


When Leo became leader of Fine Gael in in 2017 some say it was a new departure for Fine Gael. In the past most Fine Gael Leaders have had more conservative personalities, when compared to the personalities such as Charles Haughty or Bertie Ahearn (Both Fianna Fail).  The election of Leo to the leadership of Fine Gael signed an end this trend. Leo brought his own style to the highest office in the land. The case also be made that it was a first for Fine Gael as they now had a leader who was more in tune with younger generations.  The main area where this can be seen is Varadkar’s relationship when it comes to the media and the public. It can also be seen with the members of the parliamentary party with fresh faces such as Simon Harris and Helen McEntee. We expect Leo Varadkar to return to the Taoiseach’s office in 2022 in line with the terms laid out in the recently ratified Programme for Government.  

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