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Published on 3 November 2020 at 20:51


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Tuesday, 3rd November


21:25: Welcome everyone to our Live blog of the 2020 US Presidential Election! We'll be keeping you up to date with the latest results as the roll in throughout the night!


21:38: The first polls will close at 23:00 GMT, with the results beginning to become clear from around 01:00. 


23:00: With that, the first polls have closed! Indiana and Kentucky to be more exact, which means we should know the outcome for Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell soon enough.


23:35: Interesting results from Exit polls. Racial Inequality is the top issue for Biden voters, the Economy for Trump. Only 5% of Trump voters list the Coronavirus as their primary issue. 


Wednesday 4th November

03:47 We're Back! Apologies for the gap, we have been experiencing website provider issues. We shall continue to update you here and on twitter. 

The state of play is Biden 118-105 Trump ahead of the final closing of polls. 

Of the states he needed to flip only Arizona appears to be going Biden's way at this point. Close calls everywhere means this race will likely go down to the wire!


04:01 Calls made as the Western states come in. Biden takes the largest prize of the evening in California, however the real battle still lies ahead in the swing states. 


05:45 Joe Biden is now telling his supporters that he believes they are 'on track to win this election'  Very surprising statement given the pressure under President Trump not to prematurely declare victory.

Florida has just been called for Donald Trump


07:41: Donald Trump has declared victory. Appearing alongside Mike Pence, the President said he is "willing to go to the supreme Court to stop voting"

Trump has taken Texas but it is very much all to play for still, with major cities such as Philadelphia and Atlanta still to come in.



07:41: Donald Trump has declared victory. Appearing alongside Mike Pence, the President said he is "willing to go to the supreme Court to stop voting"

Trump has taken Texas but it is very much all to play for still, with major cities such as Philadelphia and Atlanta still to come in.

09:47 It's all quiet on the western front as some states say that they will not be releasing results until later today. This is still anyone's game! 

09:50 It is being reported that Wisconsin has started to turn in favour of Biden - could this be another turnover for the democrats?

11:20 We understand that Nevada is finished reporting votes until tomorrow at the earliest. With less that 8000 votes in it that race shall remain uncalled.

Wisconsin and Georgia narrowing, while Pennsylvania remains strongly in Trump's favour.  

13:06 Votes have come in slowly as the morning progresses however trends in the crucial states of Wisconsin and Michigan are currently favouring Joe Biden. Trump and Biden have likely built up a strong enough leads to take North Carolina and Arizona respectively, however margins in all remaining states are too close to call. 


In the Senate Democrats appear likely to fall short of their goal to retake it, with votes in many races there also yet to be counted. 

19:20 CALL. Wisconsin is given for Joe Biden.


One of 3 key swing states that formerly made up the "blue wall" . Biden now realistically only needs to win states which he is currently leading to take the presidency. This is a big turnaround in votes from last night. 


This primarily involves winning Michigan, where the Trump campaign have indicated they intend to file a lawsuit to prevent further vote counting.


21;30 CALL: CNN now projecting Michigan for Joseph Biden. This make victory extremely difficult for Donald Trump. Just Arizona and Nevada will do it for Biden now.


23:31 Biden's victories in Wisconsin and Michigan have put him on the brink of winning. The state to watch out for is Pennsylvania - if Trump wins there it still could be anyone's game


In the meantime the Trump team have sent a legal team to Philadelphia, lead by Giuliani as the battle over ballots ramps up

(Image provided by Bloomberg Business - please note Arizona has not yet been Called despite the image below)

Thursday 5th November


02:11 Some results in from Arizona now show a slight narrowing - that race is far from over. Next update expected at 5:30 am GMT. Thus far it has been suggested Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania could all take until Friday.  


14:25 A slow day so far but the races in Georgia and Pennsylvania are slowly narrowing. Georgia in particular may well be within the 0.5% requirement for a recount. Neither state will be necessary for Biden if he can close out Arizona and Nevada. 

President Trump has filed lawsuits in most remaining states and narrow ones already called as his path to victory seems increasingly uncertain. 


16:48 BREAKING: For the first time, voting has been halted due to a legal challenge. Counting of the remaining 30,000 votes in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania has been halted until tomorrow. An agreement was reached after objections were raised that the ballots, which were re-issues were being counted at all


They will be counted, but not until afternoon tomorrow. The votes in that county are Biden heavy, so this could have big consequences for the outcome of the race.


19:37 North Carolina are unlikely to report the rest of their results until next week. Clarke County in Nevada are also set to take until the weekend while counting is suspended in Alaska until November 10th. 

With the outcome in Georgia increasingly close it is very unlikely a call will be made anywhere any time soon


Friday 6th November


00:03  Speaking for the first time since election night Donald Trump appeared at a press conference, calling the election "rigged" and that Democrats were trying to "steal the election".

Without evidence he made various allegations of fraud in most of the remaining count centers likely to go against him.

This all comes as margins continue to narrow in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Victory in the latter would guarantee the Presidency for Joe Biden.


09:42 BREAKING : It's being reported by CNN that Joe Biden has turned Georgia Blue


If Biden wins Georgia, there is no way for the Trump campaign to win


13:58 BREAKING: It is now emerging that Biden has flipped Pennsylvania and now leads by 5587


This now makes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the projected winners of the US Presidential Election 2020


However it's not over yet, both Pennsylvania and Georgia are still to announce a final result


15:01 With Biden on the verge of the presidency as his leads extend, it has emerged Fox News has directed its employees not to refer to Biden as 'President - Elect'. This would be a true test of Fox's resolve in it's backing for Trump


23:43 A slow day for voting with no clear end in sight thus far. Margins slowly growing for Joe Biden in all the states he needs. Perhaps a lesson in political civility for the Republicans;

Arizona changing Democrat may well be because of Donald Trump's repeated attacks on one of it's most famous sons in John McCain.

In Georgia the county that turned the state in Biden's favour was the former congressional district of none other than the late John Lewis.


Saturday 7th November


02:08 Into the weekend now, and Donald Trump's path continue's to narrow. He has chipped away at Joe Biden's lead in Arizona but not at a strong enough rate to take the state. Meanwhile his lead in Pennsylvania continues to grow.  


Biden is expected to speak soon.. 


03:50 Biden tells his supporters "we are going to win". He stops short of declaring victory but is unequivocal in what he expects to occur.

He goes on to talk about a coronavirus briefing he received, in what is a clear nod of his intention to get to work straight away. The next time we hear from him may well be a victory speech. 


16:25 Joseph Biden is now the projected President - Elect of the United States.

Kamala Harris becomes the first female Vice President and the first black Vice President

The 46th President wins with the largest vote total in American history.


16:47 The result comes as Pennsylvania was called for Biden. We will report here on further results as they come in and on the victory speech for Biden tonight.


Sunday 8th November


00:51 Joe Biden is to make his victory speech soon. Significantly he will be introduced by his running mate Kamala Harris in what is a historic night for American Politics


01:27. Kamala Harris speaks first. She opens by paying tribute to the late Congressman John Lewis. 

"Our democracy is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it"

"You chose hope and unity, decency, science -- and yes, truth."


01:40 Now for Biden!

He delivers a unifying message at odds with anything heard from the presidency in the last 4 years.

"This is the time to heal in America" "I will work as hard for those who didn't vote for me as those who did"

"I pledge to be a President who seeks not to divide, but unify".

A celebration follows on the scale not seen since Barack Obama's second inauguration. Perhaps America has once again found its soul. 


02:05 Well folks, it's been 5 days, a broken website server, a twitter ban and one of the most historic moments in American history. Thank you for staying with us throughout the ride as America chose its new President, Joseph R. Biden. 


The journey in truth, only really starts here. We'll be in touch soon. 

Seán Hand.


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