Science and Technology

Week 31 2020

The Neurological Impact of Remote-Learning on Students

The transition to remote learning was sudden in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and most schools and educators were ill-prepared to support their students through the process. Remote-learning seemed to be the only option when in-person teaching became too dangerous, but what impact does the remote-learning format have on students short term and long term? And most importantly, what can be done by educators to minimize or even negate these negative neurological impacts?

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Week 29 2020

Comet NEOWISE: Once in 6,800 Years

Comet NEOWISE is a once-in-a-lifetime comet that is nearly three miles long and is visible to the naked eye for most of the month of July! NEOWISE is technically called C/2020 F3, but is colloquially known by the name of the telescope which first discovered its existence in 2013.

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Week 27 2020

Can Artificial Intelligence Impact Labour Positively?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has over the recent years managed to progress the digital infrastructure (and digital economy) by advancing the field of superhuman capabilities. The opportunities that AI technology poses are expanding from medicine and health to transport and education, and most importantly, economic growth that transcends the firms and the respective economies. Time and again, the debate around AI technology takes the form of the challenges regarding labour displacement, economic inequality, market instability, reinforced totalitarianism, and a shift in the global economy. In the upcoming field of artificial intelligence technologies, companies (buyers) who are the innovators of this new system of production find themselves in need of a particular service to improve their production function by machine learning and advanced AI applications. This service is called data annotation - it is the process of sorting data and labelling or tagging them, the said data can be images, texts or even audios.

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Week 26 2020

Self Sustainability Sub Sahara

Sustainable development in Sub Saharan Africa has been at the forefront of the United Nation’s agenda for the last two decades. However, one must question the effectiveness of the policies suggested by the UN, and can they actually be achieved. The bedrock of sustainable development lies in the Sustainable Development Goals and The Millennium Development goals.

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Face Masks 101 - Clearing the air

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, many governing bodies have regulated or recommended face coverings. But how do face masks work? Are they actually effective? Is there a wrong way to wear one? What are the arguments against mandatory face masks? Read on to answer all of these questions and learn everything you need to know about the rationale (and science) behind face masks.

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