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Week 03 2021

Cryptocurrency: Not just for Basement Anarchists

Cryptocurrency is one of the new additions to financial assets in the past decade. It has grown in popularity, function, and available currencies. It is a digital currency used for transactions and in some circles is a speculative asset. But why is a once dismissed decentralised currency that was the dream of anarchists now drawing the attention on investment banks?

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Week 02 2021

The WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp updated it’s privacy policy on January 4th 2021, asking users to accept the policy before February 8th. The update included information as to how businesses store their WhatsApp chats and how users interact with business accounts.

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Week 47 2020
Week 44 2020
Week 43 2020

The Race for a Covid-19 Vaccine

There are three core stages of testing that potential vaccines undergo before application to the FDA for approval. In the first phase, the vaccine is delivered to a small sample of people,, and its effect on the immune system is measured. This process is repeated with a larger number of people (hundreds) in phase 2. The process in phase 3 is slightly different. The vaccine is administered to thousands of people, with thousands of others receiving a placebo instead. The vaccine is delivered in two injections, at least  4 weeks apart. Then, sufficient time must be allowed for participants to become sick with Covid-19 and so to measure the vaccine’s ability to defend against the virus. This time is also necessary to identify side effects that might not have appeared during the other, shorter trials. A number of companies, such as Sinovac, Sinopharm, CanSinoBio, as well as the Russian Ministry of Health have been allowed to administer their vaccines in certain countries before the results and in some cases, before the beginning of phase three trials.

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Week 37 2020
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