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Week 08 2021

Facebook Blocks Australia

The News Media Bargaining Code of July of 2020 under the Treasury Laws Amendment covers news media and the digital platforms they share content and garner traffic on. On Thursday 18th February, Facebook blocked news sites from sharing and viewing news links across the platform for Australian users. Using their machine learning system led to classification errors with charities and government pages regarding COVID-19 vaccines. In addition, other emergency services were blocked from sharing information.

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Week 07 2021

The Dangers of Your Shampoo

Picking a shampoo can quite literally be a life changing decision. The specific absorption rate of head tissues is higher than that of the skin in another part of the body. Scientists now have proof that an ingredient found in shampoo and other products can affect brain development in mice. 

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Week 05 2021

Covid-19 and the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Despite all the negative consequences of the global pandemic, it has opened new markets for the robotics industry. Firms that deal in robotics are supplying robots to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. These robots supply basic items to people in isolation and detect people who are not wearing masks. Among the firms that plan to use the pandemic as an opportunity for growth is Hanson Robotics which is based in Hong Kong. 

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Week 04 2021

Apple’s $100 Billion Dollar Quarter

The release of the iPhone 12 generated a 12% increase in quarterly sales leading to revenue of over $100 billion. These figures were considerably boosted by the company’s performance in China. Sales in China rose by 57% this past quarter, generating $21.3 billion. 5G towers are more widespread in China than they are in Europe. CEO Tim Cook believes this is a major reason for Apple’s excellent performance in China this quarter.

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Medical Cannabis: Approved for HSE Service Plan

This year, medical cannabis has been added to the HSE service plan; in short, this will allow for the patent of medications containing cannabis to be prescribed to patients. To date, four products have been approved, and more are being reviewed. However, the criminal association of cannabis in Ireland has troubled the movement, notwithstanding the fact that such medical treatments that have been supported by various studies, including one by the Journal of Psychopharmacology (2020), which details the high demand by patients and the reluctance of  health services to fulfil this demand.

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