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Ireland's Dependent Development

The Irish Republic is considered a relatively new country, gaining independence only one hundred years ago. As a result, Ireland’s development has been extremely dependent in nature, first relying on Britain even after independence from their empire, then enjoying the collegiality of the European project in its first incarnation as the EEC, and more recently a primary reliance on multinational corporations so as to establish Ireland’s position as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe.’ From continuous economic growth and significant employment opportunities, to continuous funding for development and prospects for both large and small Irish businesses. There are three phases in which we can identify Ireland’s dependent development: we can see this through our dependence on Britain post 1921, our continuous reliance on the European Economic Community which subsequently became the European Union, and finally our attachment to multinational corporations.

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Designer handbags: symbols of materialism or solid investments?

With prices never dropping below four figures, it goes without saying that designer handbags are a luxury that only a small minority of the population have the means to enjoy. With celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians regularly sporting Hermès and Chanel bags, these designer brands have become synonymous with affluence and status. However, it’s no longer solely stylish celebrities who are interested in purloining these bags; in recent years, a new breed of business savvy investors has emerged amongst their consumer base.

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