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Joe Biden - President Elect

Joe Robinette Biden is the President-Elect of the United States and will be the 46th President. Many in Ireland are celebrating as Joe has roots in both County Mayo and Louth with his great grandfather hailing from Ballina Mayo. Biden's other great-great-grandfather was from the Cooley Peninsula, Co Louth. Joe has referenced his Irish heritage numerous times, and he is sure to do so more times. 

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Coalitions, do they work? A Brief Analysis on the History of Coalitions in Ireland

We live in a system of government known as “representative democracy.” This means we, as a population are split into various municipal regions and vote for individuals to represent us in our Legislature. This is the law and policy making body of our tripartite system of government which stems initially from Aristotle in his work Politics and further expanded upon by Montesquieu in Spirit of Laws.  In turn, the Legislature vote for the Executive which is the governing body of our land.

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