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Myanmar in Crisis

The seizure of power by Myanmar military's follows weeks of tensions with civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her government.

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Apple’s $100 Billion Dollar Quarter

The release of the iPhone 12 generated a 12% increase in quarterly sales leading to revenue of over $100 billion. These figures were considerably boosted by the company’s performance in China. Sales in China rose by 57% this past quarter, generating $21.3 billion. 5G towers are more widespread in China than they are in Europe. CEO Tim Cook believes this is a major reason for Apple’s excellent performance in China this quarter.

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GameStop's Stockmarket Surge

For many businesses, the Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating, and has threatened companies with closure. One such company was GameStop. The gaming store had planned to close over 450 stores this year, yet this week, the company’s stock (GME) has skyrocketed.

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