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Gavin Newsom Survives California Recall Election

This week, a recall election to decide the fate of California governor Gavin Newsom has taken place. While Newsom won the gubernatorial election in 2018 and was not due to face re-election until 2022, his response to crises related to homelessness and taxation among others has attracted immense criticism, particularly by conservative commentators.

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‘Scholz Effect’ Takes Germany by Surprise

Since the end of July Germany’s social democrats, the SPD, have been gaining in the polls. At the end of August, they overtook the CDU/CSU bloc and are now leading in every single poll. Partially, this is due to their candidate Olaf Scholz who has been serving as Vice-Chancellor & Minister of Finance in Merkel’s cabinet.

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Update on the Gulf of Mexico Fire

This month started with perhaps the most bizarre disaster we have ever witnessed. With images of the ocean being on fire being shared July 2nd onwards, everyone wondered how such a thing could be possible and how it could even be dealt with.

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