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The Nightingale: A Post-Colonial, Must Watch, Period Drama, With Deep Connections to Ireland

Directorial debuts tend to be the focus of up-and-coming film makers, but often, it is their sophomore efforts that manage to impress even more: Quentin Tarantino with Pulp Fiction, Robert Eggers with The Lighthouse, Ari Aster with Midsommar, Alex Garland with Annihilation, Jordan Peele with Us, Denis Villeneuve with Incendies, and David Fincher with Seven. Jennifer Kent joins these ranks with the resonating and powerful The Nightingale.

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The Putin Game: Playing Politics, Polls and Empty Pockets

With parliamentary elections around the corner, Putin’s "United Russia" (UR) is polling at record low levels,  and Putin’s individual approval ratings aren’t any better. The economic consequences of the pandemic and the sanctions are having their effect on the country and subsequently ordinary Russians are starting to feel it in their pockets. 

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Texas Wind Power Bill Attacked by Wall Street

In February of this year, the state of Texas suffered a major power crisis which came about as a result of three severe winter storms. A massive electricity generation failure lead to shortages of water, food and heat, and left more than 4.5 million customers with no power. In order to prevent incidents like this in the future, on April 8th the Texas House of Representatives debated a bill that would force wind and solar plants to pay for grid services essential to keeping supply and demand in balance.

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