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The 15 Minute City - Pipe Dream or Modern Necessity?

The Covid-19 virus arrived in Ireland in February 2020. Within weeks, the Government had taken extensive action to try and control the spread and prevent the health system from being overwhelmed. This culminated in an almost complete shut down of society on the 24th March with the imposition of stay home orders. 

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The Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition

This Tuesday, the Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition was launched, a cross-party all island group who have called for the termination of the practice of conversion therapy in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Coalition has been set up to let the Government’s of the Republic and Stormont know that the cruel and inhumane practice must end. 

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Sony and PlayStation: Trouble in Paradise?

Despite the company’s issues with meeting consumer demand of PlayStation 5s, Sony Interactive Entertainment had one of its most successful years in 2020, recording $8.4bn in revenue and $762mn in profit. This was not only due to the PS5’s launch success, but also from its sales of blockbuster titles including The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima among others.

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