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Abortion Rights under Siege

The United States Judicial system has come under much scrutiny over the past few years due to the politicization of the court under the Obama, Trump and Biden eras. At present it looks likely that this issue will come to the fore yet again in the coming days, as the ever-looming spectre of Roe v Wade, rears its head yet again at a particularly fraught moment in US politics. 

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Simon Coveney

Fine Gael TD Simon Coveney is often portrayed as dithering and indecisive, unable to present a viable alternative to the status quo. This characterisation  stems largely from his attempt to win  the Fine Gael leadership in 2017. Widely regarded as a gentleman, loyal to the party and dedicated to Irish politics. Coveney operates  largely under the radar in Ireland, Europe and around the world in his role as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

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