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Sinn Féin Consolidates its Support in the Polls

In the past 15 months or so, Sinn Féin’s support has continued to grow in the polls and crucially, it has been able to sustain this support in recent polls following its best ever election in February 2020, when it took 37 seats and won the highest percentage of first preference votes at 24.5%. However, it won a smaller proportion of seats, as Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael ran more candidates. In hindsight, Sinn Féin could have won a much larger proportion of seats, if it had run more candidates.

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Soundtrack for A Summer

It is by all scientific and emotional measures, in fact, Summer. Yes, we all got here, whether it was through blood sweat and tears or if you breezed through the past few months with a certain jive to your step. We are all looking for something easy to slide into, either thoughts of Summers gone by or the thoughts of the Summer lost to COVID plague our minds, or something in between.

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Lost Italian Village Curon, Reemerges

The draining of Lake Resia in Northern Italy has revealed a village by the name of Curon that had been submerged under it for the past 71 years. Prior to the draining, the only sign of Curon's 163 lost homes was a 14th century church spire that protruded above the lake as a seemingly solitary structure.

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