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Czech President Milos Zeman Unfit for Office says Senate Committee

On the 2nd of June the Czech Republic’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Senate Committee has adopted a resolution stating that President  Miloš Zeman is unfit to carry out his duties as the President of the Czech Republic. This comes after the Committee scrutinised a 45 page long analysis on Mr Zeman’s latest statements, in which he cast doubts on the investigation of the 2014 Vrbětice blasts which was led by his own country’s intelligence services.

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Biden Amends Trump’s Ban on Chinese Military Companies

Yesterday, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to ban Americans from investing money in companies linked to the Chinese military and surveillance technology as an extension of the policy set out by Donald Trump during his presidency. This policy intends to prevent American capital from being used in measures that would be counterproductive to US national security interests. 59 countries are listed on the report from the US Treasury, all of which are alleged to have links with the People’s Liberation Army.

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Can You See The Noise?

A world of ‘rational actors’, would look something like a utopia of supra-human efficiency and a world free of inaction or perceived sub-optimal decision making. Individuals, almost at an instance being able to calculate the benefits and costs of a single action taking account of all available and necessary information without any judgement bias nor occasional mood-swings.

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