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French Regional Elections: A Bad Night For The National Rally?

The first round of the French regional elections which took place on Sunday didn’t go as well as expected for the National Rally (RN), a party which has been led by Marine Le Pen, the 2022 Presidential hopeful. The elections were considered to be a test before next year’s presidential elections which will be crucial not only for the future of France but also for the future of the European Union. 

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A Look at the New Garda Powers

Last week, reports emerged of a new policing powers bill being published by the Minister of Justice which showed that offenders could be imprisoned for a maximum sentence of five years and fined up to €30,000 for refusing to provide gardaí with their phone or computer passwords when demanded.

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Bob Dylan’s “Self-Portrait” and Why We Need It

When the great music Journalist Griel Marcus of Rolling Stone reviewed Bob Dylan’s tenth studio album, “Self-Portrait”, in the spring of 1970, he bluntly began his review with the now famous line so often associated with the album, “what is this shit?” Griel Marcus by all accounts spoke for the generation that kept such high expectations of Dylan especially after records like “John Wesley Harding” and “Nashville Skyeline”.

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